Different Strains of Kratom

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Kratom is a naturally derived substance that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Grown in different regions, Kratom has a variety of strains and effects. Kratom grows in Africa and South East Asia; it’s botanically known as the Mitragyna Speciosa. At lower doses, the mitragynine has energizing effects while at higher doses and also contains sedative effects. 

Since the 19th century, Kratom has been used for recreation and therapeutic reasons. It was commonly used for pain relief, mood enhancement, stimulation of the immune system, and as an energizer. This is because of the Mitragynine ability to bind with opioid receptors in the brain. It has also been proven that Kratom is high in vitamins and antioxidants. Kratom is also known as Biak, Ketum, Thang, and Thom. 

Kratom effectiveness in the body depends on the Kratom type you consume, the quality, quantity, the lifestyle the user has and the tolerance you could have. Kratom leaves have a vein and a stem. The veins of the Kratom are divided into three colors; White, Green, and Red. As further explained below, each vein color has a different effect on the body. Each Kratom vein color has a different composition of chemicals. 

Kratom is not illegal in the United States. However, there have been discussions to regulate its use. It is, however, illegal in some countries like Denmark and Australia due to its opioid-like effects. Despite its effects, it is not related to Opioids like Codeine and Morphine. 

How is Kratom ingested? 

In ancient times, Kratom leaves were eaten fresh, boiled, dried or consumed with beverages as additives. Although there is no published research on the best way to consume Kratom, each method of ingestion has a different effect. Kratom can also be used as a powder, vaporized or smoked. However, smoking Kratom is not very popular. 
The most common ways of ingesting Kratom include; 
• Tablets 
• Capsules 
• Tinctures 
• Extracts 
• Gum 

What is the recommended dosage? 

Although there is no standard dosage on the use of Kratom, a 2018 study by Alcohol and Drug dependence association reported the common dosage as follows; 
• 1 to 5 grams of usage gave a low to moderate effect. It increased focus and energy 
• 5 to 15 grams usage gave a high effect with an opioid-like feeling, pain relief and many users experienced side effects at this stage 
• Over 15 grams of usage was considered risky and gave sedation to many users. 

What are the types of Kratom strains? 

Red Vein Kratom 
Red-veined Kratom is the most popular type of Kratom. You can easily distinguish it due to its Red veins and stem. The Red Vein Kratom is also the most easily found due to its resistance to pests and harsh weather conditions. 
The leaves of a Red vein Kratom produce a calming and pleasant effect to the users. For insomniac people, the Red-veined Kratom works as a sleep aid and relieves fatigue. The Red Kratom binds best with pain receptors in the brain, and as a result, it can be used as an alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers. This creates a relaxing feeling in the body accompanied by a cool, tranquilizing effect. With the right quality of the Kratom, these strains can be used by opiate addicts who are recovering and receiving withdrawal symptoms by the opiates. 
The most effective subtypes of the Red Kratom include; 
• The Red Maeng Da Kratom 
It is the most stimulating type of Red Kratom. It also has a low-end alkaloid composition which gives quick pain relief 
• The Red Kali Kratom 
The Red Kali Kratom offers a mild sedative effect which can be long-lasting. It is the perfect combination of pain relief and relaxation. 
• Red Indo Kratom 
Similar to the Red Kali, the Red indo offers relaxation and pain relief but on a less intense effect. 
Other recommended types of Red vein Kratom that offer relaxing and pain relief effects include the Red Vein Sumatra, Red Thai, and the Red Borneo Kratom. 

White Vein Kratom 
The White vein Kratom is known for its euphoric effect. It is the euphoric Kratom among the three types of Kratom. It acts as a stimulant as well as a mood enhancer. The White vein Kratom is such a strong stimulant that you can use it as an alternative to Coffee. During long working days when cheerfulness, concentration, alertness, and productivity is what you need, the White vein Kratom gives enough stimuli and motivation to work through the long day. 
However, it is not advisable to take the White veined Kratom late in the day. This is because if you work on a day shift, the Kratom might cause insomnia thereby making you unproductive the following day due to sleep debt. The body might get used to the White veined Kratom easily and as a result, users who have used it for extended periods might need to increase the quantity consumed to create the required stimulant. For beginners, it is not recommended to start with huge doses. 
Some of the typical White vein Kratom strains include; 
• The White Bali 
Growing in Borneo, the White Bali offers a relaxation feeling while at the same time giving you the most intense focus 
• White Maeng Da 
Although it has a lesser intensity of focus compared to the White Bali, it gives average stimulus but creates a tension-free, relaxed feeling. It also acts as a mild pain reliever. 
• White Sumatra 
Just like the White Bali, it offers high intensities of focus and mental clarity. It also boosts euphoria and energy. It is recommended for heavy users. 
• White Kapua 
This type of Kratom is best for beginners. It gives a mild relaxation effect with average focus. It also averagely boosts the energy of the user. 
Other types of White vein Kratom include the White Vein Indo, the White Thai, and the Borneo White. 

Green Vein Kratom 
The Green Vein Kratom works as a combination of the red and the White veined Kratom. It has a subtle mixture of what the White and Red kratom offer. Since the Green vein Kratom does not cause a drowsy effect, nor does it bring a high alertness effect, it can be used as a pain killer or as a mild energy booster any time of the day. It is best used when doing recreational activities where mild alertness, energy, and focus is needed. Some of the common types include the Green vein Kali, the super Green Malaysian, and the Green Indo Kratom. The Super Green Malaysian is slightly more intense than the rest in regards to pain relief and energy boost. The Green Indo is the least severe you can ingest. 

Is it advisable to mix Kratom Strains? 
The effects of mixing Kratom vary for every individual. One of the pros of mixing is enhancing the effects. The different results of mixing Kratom can help with tolerance. It also enables you to customize and maximize the feeling you need. 
On the Cons, different effects might bring different reactions which can make you unable to control your moods. Mixing Kratom might work well with one user but act differently on another. 

What are the side effects of Kratom? 
Although many users are tolerant, some of the common side effects include; 
• Itchiness 
• Dry mouth 
• Headaches 
• Constipation 
• Frequent Urination 
Stopping Kratom usage is also linked with withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, nausea, and insomnia. 

Conclusively, as a new user, proceed with moderation and observe first how it makes you feel. Always seek medical attention in case of severe side effects. You are also not advised to operate machinery when using Kratom. Despite having been used for over 100 years, Kratom is new in Western markets. Research is still being done to establish more benefits or harm that Kratom can cause.

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